Monday, February 16, 2009

Big Week

I spent my week in Williamsburg Virgina, Researching my honors thesis in Colonial Williamsburg and its associated museums and libraries.

I also visited the College of William and Mary, which is on my list of possible grad schools to apply to.
I even saw some 18th century hand knitting. This is a mans glove, the picture of the whole glove is on my flickr page.

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OfTroy said...

have you ever read Devils Water, by Anya Seton? (its long out of print, and even hard to find in libraries)

Its about Jenny Radcliffe, the only daughter of the last Lord Radcliffe (a jacobite who was beheaded in the tower of london for treason) (and related to the Radcliffes of London (Dr Radcliffe was a noted surgeon (i often wonder if young Radcliffe (Harry Potter) is a distant relation))

well Jenny came to the colonies with William Byrd(she was a friend/companion to his daughter) and the Byrd's had a house in Williamsburg..

Devil's Water is a nice piece of historical ficton.. very well documented...
Anya Seaton was a well known writer (well still is in some circles.. she's made the NYTimes crossword puzzle in the past year!) and all of her works are enjoyable.