Sunday, January 04, 2009

Not much to show

I have been busy, and busy with knitting. Sadly, I have little to show for it all. Christmas was lovely and I got a ball winder and swift which were exactly what I wanted. The day after Christmas I wound all the yarn I could get my paws on into center pull balls.Then I spent that weekend sick with the sore throat that was building up over the holiday. Yes I knit. I'm working on a v-neck raglan pullover in teal cascade 220. I went to a yarn store on saturday here where my parents live and hit a 50% off sale day. I got some Cherry Tree Hill Silk and Merino Worsted and some possum yarn.

Monday I headed west to purchase a fleece for my Honors thesis project and came back with 4lbs of Leicester Longwool fleece ready to be washed. I headed further west and spent time with the boyfriend and picked up a friend that is staying with me for the rest of break. We all headed home and yesterday I finally started the epic fleece washing. One batch down... too many yet to go.

I have knit two hats and most of a sock, and the yoke and part of the body of a sweater. None of this has been photographed at all. My bad.

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