Thursday, December 18, 2008

What I got

I am a follower, I'm knitting jaywalker with the flat feet I got at ReBelle. I must say that this yarn is awesome for carrying around because the skein simply can't fall apart or get tangled in your keys.

Finals week is almost over, and I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. The hardest part will be going home. Christmas break this year is a frenzy of activity when what I need so badly is rest. Also I will be away from the people that are a huge part of my life, the ones I see every single day, eat my meals with and hang out with. Home is also a place where I have to fold myself into an old box, one that seems a little too small. I love my family, but here I am an adult who makes their own decisions and lives with the consequences.

I am blessed in this life, I have an education, two places I call home, a wonderful semi-functional family who will never cast me out, a sweet loving boyfriend who is my best friend, truly amazing friends all over the place, freedoms I could only dream of anyplace else in the world and more. Lately I've been thinking about the future and ways that I can improve my well being and be more aware of the wonderful life I have.

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