Sunday, December 07, 2008

So it begins

I heard somebody say recently (possibly on plurk) that when a woman changes her life she starts with her hair. Maybe that's true, it seems that I'm unconciously trying to do that, except until the semester ends I'm 100 miles from my hairdresser.

I've been feeling anxious, depressed and generally down lately and haven't known why or what to do about it. I came to realize this and that its time to snap out of it. I need some changes in my life or that negative voice in the back of my head is going to take over.

I need to make the focus of my life on God, I've been so busy and honestly not focused on anything at all.

I need to take better care of my body, I suffer chronic pain and that makes it harder but its not an excuse. I need to eat better and not snack on junk food and drink so much pop. I also need to try and be more active by taking walks and going swimming.

I need to stay busy in the day and sleep at night. I need to not give the minimum in school.

There are other changes, but those are the big ones. I'm still cutting my hair, but thats not all I'm doing.

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OfTroy said...

I've changed, too in recent years (i stopped coloring my hair rather than cutting it.. but same idea)

I now am one of those people who takes vitamins and suppliments all the time now..
(and they work..Omega 3 (6/9) is not just good for your heart, it helps your brain too (it helps make it more receptive to seratonins.. the feel good brain hormone)--It doesn't cure depression, but it make it easier.

I used to always plan to take vitamins, (multi, D and calcium, Omega3's) but forget..

now i keep my 'stash' in my knitting bag.. and as i sit down to knit.. there they are..

this has made a real difference.. i take my vitamins, and i really feel better!