Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Busy brain

I keep thinking totally random stuff but I've had a headache since Monday and I can't seem to focus on anything.

In class I thought about how its mean to play high pitched celtic music when people have migraines, and that florescent lights are evil. Then I thought about how my group project sucks, and after that I thought about how it was cold in the classroom and how much I just wanted to leave.

Then I thought about how much I wanted a nap while I waited for a meeting and during the meeting I thought about how much bureaucrats suck. Then I went home and thought about how messy my room is and how much of a slob I get to be when its busy time.

In the shower I was thinking about how knitting felt right in my hands when I first learned, and how its still seems to perfectly fill them. Right now I'm swatching and thinking about ideas for a comfy teal sweater and that I need a different needle size. Oh and cheap metal needles suck too.

1 comment:

Sade said...

Sounds like me some days, only I dont remember about what I was thinking at the end of the day.