Friday, December 05, 2008


I figured out that if I cut off 10 inches to donate to locks of love I would still have a bit over shoulder length hair. The line on the photo shows approximately where the cut would occur. Before I hack off my hair however I need to know what style I want.
My guidelines:
I don't want to lose more than an inch of length above that line.
I want to work with my natural curl.
I want to be able to style it in 5 minutes flat, and be able to do very little in the morning, as I shower at night and am NOT waking up earlier to fuss with my head fuzz.
I am trying to grown-up my wardrobe (just the school clothes and such) and my hair is scary heavy bohemian fluff, I need something more classy.

If you can make suggestions within those guidelines I'd appreciate it. Otherwise I'm gonna go to my usual hairdresser and tell her my guidelines and close my eyes until its over.


Sade said...

No idea about the haircut since even in "grown up" style, I'll keep wearing mine long, but I wanted to tell you I'm jealous of your wave/curl!

Rowan said...

I just went through this myself not too long ago. and because I don't like paying a hairdresser extra for long hair since I won't have long hair at the end, I hacked it off myself. yep, made a ponytail, measured 10" and cut. dyed it a nice dark brown. intended to go the hairdresser for the rest, but still putting it off. so I wouldn't suggest my method.