Thursday, October 02, 2008

My study space

I got a sheet of white tileboard at Home Depot the other day and had them cut it into 3 pieces. Cheap-ass DIY dry erase board that works better than a lot of the ones you can get in office supply stores. I am surrounded in whiteboards which I can randomly organize my thoughts (not an easy task)

The one to the right of the small commercial board has mostly knitting notes, the one to the left has Capstone notes, and at the foot of the bed I have general homework notes. That one won't stay at the foot all the time as it blocks my view of most the room, but perhaps that is of benefit as I can reduce distractions.

Yes there are two knitting projects, a spinning project and a lot of other junk on the bed, its not messy, its organized. You should see my floor.

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