Saturday, September 13, 2008

Happy Saturday

I love days that I can sleep as long as I want, then wake up and sit in the sun shining in my window. I also know that today is a homework day, but somehow I don't mind that much when the sun is shining. Perhaps I'll go outside and break flint for a while too.

I have been spinning Crown Mountain Farms Sock Hop Again: She's Like a Rainbow. I'm loving the purple color and can't wait to see it plied up.
I have started a new project, the original pattern is Shrug This (rav links) but I am changing almost everything I am doing. I switched to garter for the collar, and made it longer, cast on more stitches and am doing more increase repeats, just until it fits alright. The yarn is Twiley's of Stamford "Freedom Spirit" which the lovely bumblefee sent me. I am also planning on making the sleeves longer and the body longer too, but that depends on the yarn supply.

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