Friday, May 02, 2008

YPF and actual progress

I knit, I swear I do, but somehow, photographing those knits hasn't been a priority in the hectic end of the semester buzzel.

The kilt hose I'm working on are finished up to the patterned cuff, and soon I'll begin that. I've even picked out the cable I'm using on it.

the cable up the leg
the hose in all their glory

I've also started another lace project, it's from this lovly p0rny Yarn Place Gentle.

Its the handsome Triangle from Victorian Lace today, with beads. note that I'm even using a lifeline, which is odd for me, but I had to restart the pattern once already and it sucked.
our cafeteria has an enclosed atrium/courtyard thing, and some not-so-bright duck decided to hatch a dozen ducklings in there.

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