Sunday, April 20, 2008

I do actually blog

Not just another flower. Instead a practical joke. My friend took it into his head to mess with Kilt-boy and I when he was visiting. My friend lives directly above me in the apartments, so he has easy access to mess with us. He started by jumping up and down on the ceiling. then I hear something outside my window, it's a speaker, loudly playing music. He sent it down again late that night and woke us up with a rather raunchy song. The saddest part is that I don't mind having practical jokes played on me, because it makes me so darn happy that I have neighbors who actually care enough to go to that kind of effort. I've never had that before, and this year I've had friends in the dorms that are pretty much family. Awesome in a box.I'm knitting the current pair of kilt hose on 2 circs and there are several things I really like about this method.
1. they match.
2. when I'm done, I'm done. No SSS, which is killer in kilt hose.
things I don't like
1. the yarn gets tangled
2. the heels were kind of confusing, but I just ended up making them on separate needles, then putting them back on the 2 circs.
a duck, nesting in a pot of pansies.
oh look, big surprise another flower

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