Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Sunshine on my shoulders

For the barest of moments the sun came out today, and as it streamed in my window, blindingly reflected off wet concrete and mud puddles from the non-stop rain of the last few days I did what any good blogger would do, I grabbed my WIPs and my camera. First, the entrelac scarf that I've been taking to class. I actually got the pattern memorized quite quickly, considering what I had expected. It is now about as long as my armI find myself practicing favortisim with the sqyares. I like the solidness of the colors in this one.
the flow in color from this triangle to the next square is perfect. Pink/Pink, to teal/pink, to teal/purple/ to teal/yellow to yellow/yellow to yellow/gold.
I like the way the lightest of the yellows and the deepest of the purples plies together here.
And I have even more yarny goodness to knit up, although I should knit the mitts that go with the scarf before I get too far and use up the yarn.
I am working on the kilt hose still, not a class-friendly project however, This is about 3 hours of solid knitting right here, and it's not even half way. 2.25 repeats out of 7 done.
Speaking of Kilt Hose, I received a gift of this book, which, while I have only read the introduction and chapter one in depth, I did scan through it and I am quite excited to play with the patterns inside.

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