Sunday, February 03, 2008

So who makes my day?

Fee has nominated me with the "you make my day award" which I find frankly awesome, and very much makes my day.

Who makes my day?
  1. Kilt-boy: without seeming effort or concentration this man, without fails, creates happiness in my heart.
  2. Anthony: my best friend and the person I go to when I need the weirdest questions answered
  3. fee: even though she already has one and in fact, nominated me for this one
  4. Yorkie: because she is possibly the funniest woman alive.
  5. Artsygal: because she makes lovely yarn and is generally awesome
  6. Penny Karma: 'cause she is friggin' hilarious
  7. monkee: because she knits amazing lace, which takes all my breath away
  8. dogs steal yarn: because her posts make me happy
  9. Yarn Harlot: why? because she makes my day. why not?
  10. Crap, I'm all out... but you know who makes my day as a group? these guys
they are a bunch of guys (and gals) in kilts, the kind of people who really appreciate a knitter. My kind of people. So scuse me while I go knit some kilt hose

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