Monday, February 11, 2008

Sharing the wooly love

It has been a weekend full of wooly love. On my way home my very sleepy nephew picked up the shawl I use as a scarf and asked me, "Is this wool? It's so cuddly." Realizeing a need to increase his access to wool, mom and I bought him a ball of wool and a knitting spool, which he picked up on quickly, did 2 rounds by himself, then got bored. That's what five year old boys do.

then just hours afterwards, as I was reading my new book. Knitticisims... and Other Purls of Wisdom, my darling Kilt-boy was looking over my shoulder. And he said that the book made him want to try and learn to knit again. So, I handed over my knitting and he did a bit, rather well in fact, and I offered to start something for him to work on, which he agreed to and worked in steely concentration on for quite a while.the next morning he texted me that he was trying to look at ravelry and it wasn't letting him. So I let him get on my account and he reported that he was overwhelmed and confused, then he asked for yarn. Late last night I was talking him through a cast on via AIM, I think he's hooked.

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