Thursday, February 14, 2008


Yesterday I was winter cleaning, nesting or whatever you wanna call it, I cleaned my room, then vacuumed both my room and the hall. Then I hit the yarn stash and organized. I had good reason, yarn tails and stay balls have been escaping and getting tangled.

so what did I do, I scooped all the yarn off the shelves and dumped it on the floor.
then I sorted it, packed it into baggies and shoved it on the shelves (I need bigger ziplocs)
After I cleaned I did my hour o' spinning and filled a bobbin.

Not immediately afterwards I finished the kilt hose I have been working on forever. Here they are blocking next to the entrelac I finished Monday.

this morning in class I did another quite shocking thing (I know, cleaning, finishing AND blocking, now something else) I knit a swatch.
CMF superwash merino in mustang sally, prolly a sport weight. Can we say mmm yummy?

this yarn will hopefully be enough for a baby sweater vest for Kilt-boy's godson. It's lovely and bright and not preppy at all, in spite of the fact his mother wants to dress him in a sweater vest.

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