Monday, January 14, 2008

I survived

My holiday is over now, 4 weeks of no class felt wonderful but now it is back to the grindstone for me I am afraid. Over the last month I dyed some yarn, Knitted on those kilt hose, and loafed around. due to the yarn shortage I also made myself a new hat (in one day) and most of a border on a shawl while waiting on the mail. There were somethings I did not do on my break, things like blog, or take a picture a day, or keep up with the online activity of my friends and compadres. Sorry, Y'all but there are limits on what a girl can do. A kitchen full of wool, also known as happiness
My new hat
knitting outside during the freakishly warm weather
I have several classes with a lot of writing and research to do this semester, and hopefully I will be able to keep up with that. I will hopefully also be able to find employment very soon, at least before my funds completely disappear.

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Fee said...

want want want want want want want want

Possibly more than the top hat...