Thursday, December 27, 2007

Progress Post

I slacked off on the commission knitting the last few days so I tried to make up for it by passing a huge milestone. I am now working on the fold-over cuff of the kilt hose. I am using this cable from Barbra Walker's 2nd Stitch Dictionary (I really need her other books) It's a nice cable and fits into the number of stitches I needed perfectly. I just totally blanked on the name.
I have some concerns about the neatness of the increases and decreases and how the look in the ribbing, any comments and suggestions would be welcome. Also, if the future owner would give his opinion that'd be most helpful. Don't worry that gold yarn won't be in the final project, it's to hold my place until I get full circle on the is the whole thing in all it's glory, sadly this can really only be worked on while I am home or have everything all spread out in front of me and can do math and concentrate. I got a good 3+ hours in on it today though, and I've been making sure I devote time to it every day.

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