Thursday, November 01, 2007

I live, I work, I breathe, I spin

My life has certainly picked up it's pace in the last few weeks. Good things are happening, and God sends new blessings every day. Sadly, school has also picked up pace. Does this mean our dear stringy does not knit or spin? Of course not! I just sleep less. I'm actually using my desk lately, it's handy because it can hold the laptop and i can push the chair back and spin while being entertained. That's french homework under the yarn and knitting.
what have I been spinning you ask? well yesterday after I did my homework I cleaned my whole dorm and then I plied up the last of the blue merino from the weekend. S'loverly.

2 skeins, 158 yards and 216 yards (i know they aren't even, it happens)
lovely sock weight, makes me want to cast on, but i refuse to cast on until one of my Christmas projects is done. my tailored cardi is my back pack knitting and got a good bit done yesterday which is good.

I have been seized with a extreme need to learn entrelac, probably because kilt-boy (see blessings i have received up top) asked me if i could do it... my answer, "I probably could if I tried" now i need to try, and i cannot cast on.

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