Monday, September 24, 2007

white wool made colored

So my friend Sarah invited me over to make white wool turn pretty colors. I'd never dyed yarn successfully before and she makes lovely stuff and sells on etsy. she was willing to let me play around and use up her old wilton she'd learned on. on our way we saw an unusual sight...
a groundhog, in town. Freaky. this is sarah's cat he helped us dye, and slept on my arm while i soaked up WiFi and the yarn cooked.the before pic
soaking (it's superwash merino courtesy of a wholesale deal with artsygal.)
this is the batch sarah poured to show me how. there's teal and blue wiltons in there. the blue split, but it looks lovely. We're using the splash and pour method.
now is my batch of fiber, christmas red and copper were the colors we used (too much water in the pot, my bad)
hanging up
then i did the yarn I brought along with me, superwash merino again (CMF this time.)
it looked so much like spaghetti while it soaked
GREEN!!!!!! and teal again, also again too much water, evidently yarn needs even less water.
and that's the dying, maybe tomorrow I'll show the results.


Lauren said...

That looks like a lot of fun!

Robyn said...

Ooh, pretty...

And I know we got the same colourway! Wanna do a Coupling KAL? I'd love to have a coupling partner ;)