Friday, September 28, 2007

This is what stress looks likeyesterday was a sucky day, today was better, but that's another story. Stress does crazy things to me, I get knots in my shoulders, I quit eating, I freak out at the drop of a hat... and more.
the best stress relief I ever get is a combination of a massage, chocolate and spinning. Spinning relaxes me, it's productive yoga. Last night at about 6ish I started spinning. and I spun up all of the red/orange wool that i dyed last weekend. then I plyed it all.
I'm calling it offically flames, but in my head it's a flamer.
the sad thing is, I spin best while at the end of my psychological rope. this is possibly the most even, fine spinning I've done. ever. I guess crazy does have it's uses. Can I not be a calm spinner, like a cheerful poet is this impossible?

150 & 134 yard skeins
fiber: superwash merino that I got in a wholesale deal with artsygal, dyed by me under sarah's observation (sorta, she just kinda let me do it after she showed me with the first batch)
Mood: stressed and POd
Overall: YIPPEEE! this fiber was awesome, not slippery at all, and very soft, made a very squooshy yarn. I didn't ply it tight but I think it may be destined for socks anyway. I didn't bother to set the twist since it was so well balanced, I can only see a few kinks where it didn't relax as well off the niddy noddy.


ashley said...

Love the colors!

Lauren said...

Looks great! Glad you had a better day