Tuesday, September 04, 2007

socks and camping

this is going to be a long post, forgive me for being camera happy.
yep they match
i finished the second toefutsie sock, they still need a better name than that. I am planning on making some graphs and stuff and then putting up the pattern. because I'm awesome like that.

I was out at Wolfpen Pioneer Village prepareing for the reenactment this weekend, and I made sure to get some pictures before we are totally over-run. Here are the Highlights of the Village
the bolt house, the first to be built on the property
blacksmith shop
the Johnson House, also currently the trading post
this feild will be full of tents and people in the next few days
The Yulen House
the bread oven
and finally the loom, which I finished warping Saturday, but that's a whole nother post now isn't it?

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Lauren said...

The socks look nice! Thats a yarn I have on my "to try" list.

Thanks for sharing the village pictures, very pretty stuff.