Thursday, September 06, 2007

More monkey love

I'm horrible I know. I refuse to apologize for my strange obsession. It just struck my that it's appropriate, since I am an anthropology student. Of course I'm not interested in studying primates. Just socks. the heel flap is the only striping so that's a hot heel turn, I like the triangle shape.doesn't that just make you wanna go out and get some artsy yarny love and cast on. I want to and I've already got the yarn ;) Will I knit anything else again (of course, but I'm obsessed for the moment.) BUT that's not all on the yarn prony front.KP Telemark in Garnet Heather for this cardi
I was walking to class this morning and found this little guy, He was just laying there. I had to take the opportunity to get a good look at him, he's not quite dead, but he would only move his legs a bit. Dragonflies are portrayed as delicate creatures, but in real life they are Honkin' big bugs.

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Lauren said...

Your sock is looking great!

I like the color of that knitpicks yarn.