Monday, September 17, 2007

completion and destruction and new beginnings.

So much going on here. Last night I finished the first sleeve of my tailored cardi. love the yarn, color and even the shape i'm seeing so far, the sleeve flares very slightly at the cuff, which unlike tight ribbed sleeves doesn't bind, or get caught on my watch.and it is definitely long enough, but not too long (in my opinion I'm not sure if that's possible) and over the weekend, I discovered THIS (not for the knitter who is weak of heart or mind.) My Wing O The Moth Shawl, with what I believe to be a moth hole. 'tis horrible to behold.How do I fix this? can it be at least fixed so that I am not scared to wear it? the only good part is that it's knit in lace, which is very very fuzzy and clingy.
as for the new beginnings, I'm 3/4 of the way through the cuff of monkey taffy #2

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Lauren said...

Oh no! Bad moth! Have you done all that crazy freezing and stuff to make sure they aren't still there, or in other things?

My only idea is to grab the broken ends and attach them to each other with a felted join.