Thursday, August 30, 2007

Finally feels like autumn

It rained yesterday and that cooled things down. It's so dry here at school that the trees and grass look pretty yellow. So it doesn't seem so much like we're spending our summer in class. I've been attempting to get caught up with pics because of ravelry. I'm heading home this weekend because of labor day, my brother being home from Kansas, and to work on the loom at Docs. April, my roommate, spent last weekend decorating our living room and it looks quite awesome now.
I have been knitting, I promise. None of my classes are classes I can really knit during, which slows me down. I made us a potholder the other day out of my lichen yarn. I used the miniature herringbone stitch from my 2nd BW. It made a nice thick fabric and it was fun to create knitting that didn't look knit. And now we have a pot holder too :)
I finally cast on the second toefutsies sock yesterday. I forgot how fast it went the first time. So while I was busy avoiding my homework I finished the's all matchy-matchy and pretty!makes for a very punk braceletgratuitous yarn pronand this is what it looks like today (very blurry pic from last night)

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Lauren said...

Nifty wall!

I really like the sock colors