Wednesday, June 13, 2007

baby pics

So far Willow is a very calm baby, very unlike her brother. She has coppery red hair that feels like the fuzzy blanket she got at her shower. She was 3 weeks early, but if she had gone full term she would have been a ten pounder, which my teeny sister can't handle. She will be more prone to respitory infections but with her family history we already know that was pretty likely.
her big brother likes her, except when she peed on mommy (during a diaper change) we were just glad that she was a little girl right then. today he and I are hanging out at home, I'm gonna let him have a day to just play or whatever, he was up late last night and with all of the changes he's a bit cranky.


Ceallach said...

String, I am soooo jealous of sistah....she has a little redhead.....Not fair..

Bee yoooo eee ful little girl though and so serene

Batty said...

Congratulations, auntie! And congratulations to your sister for having such a beautiful little girl.