Tuesday, May 22, 2007

famous lives

This weekend I went to the reenactment of the siege of Ft. Randolph in Point Pleasant, WV. It was a wonderful weekend even though I was still pretty sick. We got there Thursday night and I hung out with my friend Jeremy and we talked for hours, he's been very ill and so I haven't had a chance to hang out with him for well over a year. Friday we had a small amount of school kids and I spun as my demo in spite of the very cold weather. then Saturday was the big day, I started spinning at 9:30 and stopped at 1:55 so I could help out in the battle. During the battle I was loading guns for my dad, Henry and Eric. 3 men shooting, 4 guns and me loading. I loaded over 100 rounds in under a half hour. after the battle I pretty much collapsed in the shade to recover. Other than my own few pictures there are some much better ones here and here.
(i'm all over the reenactor internet circle, so that's why i put famous up there.)

and now my own pictures (yay library wireless!)the tavern
the militia, who sorta adopted me after I borrowed their fire on friday morning for my tea.
feeding the native population, after all they seem to be wasting away
venison and tea for breakfast Sunday (for scale the lid next to the kettle is for a 16 inch dutch oven, that's a LOT of tea)
riker took this picture, he took it of markus chopping the hay bale, but it ended up being a really good picture of the fort
amy, josh, and me (see my lovely sunburn, that was even with 50 SPF sunscreen)
nikki and jeremy when we were paking up. he still needs so much prayer. his condition continues to worsen and he is in constant pain. nikki just gets more pregnant every day.

when we got home we ended up having a little addition to the family, this little guy. his name is hero, he was born almost 4 days ago and he was a triplet (goats usually have twins) and he wasn't managing to suck, so our neighbor brought him to us with 20lbs of milk substitute and we are bottle feeding him. it's been a long time since we had a baby goat wandering around the house. (yes indoors) at first he wasn't even managing to drink from the bottles and we wondered if he would make it, but he figured it out and now he can't seem to get enough.

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sweetfigs said...

It looks like a fun way to spend the weekend with your family and friends, esp. the friend who has been so sick.