Tuesday, May 08, 2007


I'm home for a bit, finals are over! and I did very well, 3 As & 2 Bs. Which I am very happy with. I finally got a chance to see the doctor about my re-occurring stomach problems. She thinks it might be gallbladder related to I get to have some happy fun-time tests to check and see.
As far as my other summer plans, the archaeological field work ended up falling through sadly, BUT I already have a summer job. I will be heading to Michigan to be a nanny for a friend of mine I know through knitty chat. She has 4 lovely kids and I expect to have tons of fun while there. I really enjoy working with kids and Getting away for the summer will be great too.
More good news is that I got a big box in the mail full of fiber from teleknitter full of fiber. no pics taken yet, and I'm not insane enough to upload from dial up.

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