Wednesday, April 11, 2007

A wonderful comment

Hello Knitters and family who like to check on my whereabouts, I know you are there. How do I know, the lovely Bumblefee left me a comment! It's so nice to know that people actually visit, and all those hits aren't just me opening my browser (this is my homepage.)

I have another FO to reveal tonight, I finished the toe on the second trekking sock for Sarah i did a much better job grafting, I don't even dread it quite so much. Now the only thing on my needles is a bit of lace which isn't even started enough to photograph. Today we had a doozy of a storm, rain all day, and then this evening the rain started pouring down, and the sky went dark(er) and we even had hail, big chunks of ice. Which made me glad that I didn't need to go outside. Then the sky went from gray to greenish to a strange bright yellow color. My roommate and I went into the hall to get a better look, and to our surprise the setting sun was making a rainbow. as it got darker I was even able to catch the lightning on video. I won't post it here because I hate the sound of my recorded voice, I swear I sound about 10 years old.The yellow sky
The rainbow over campus
Stormy Sunset with the very edge of the cloud.


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Lynn said...

Great socks! They remind me of bumblebees.

What's this about field work (your ticker thingie)? I just stumbled onto your blog via a random walk from the SpinKnitties ring, so I'm not up on your every move. I'm beginning to think about field work myself, or I would be if this awful weather ever gets itself straightened out!