Friday, March 02, 2007

Yarn P0rn Friday the 20th

It's yarn p0rn Friday again. And here I have some lovely bright red handspun, I never quite managed to get the color right, but it's totally scarlet with some pinker or oranger bits.

I am gonna attempt calorimetry with this, it's lovely merino from
this was my lunch today, see why i wanna go home and eat i ate the broccoli and the potato wedges but the chicken was dry and the stuff on it was gross. and the roll was stale. I won't miss school food.
it was so windy outside today, but warm too so it was really nice, the clouds looked amazing.
when i could see anything through this...when i was by my window taking yarn p0rn i saw this... a bunch of people with bed sheets getting caught in the wind and parachuting and jumping and having a great timeI wish I owned a kite for days like this.

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