Thursday, February 22, 2007

A white package

A long package, what could be in it? too big for yarn, or anything knitting related. We shall have to open it up!oh look, thread, boning (gonna get some interesting hits for that one) and sewing needles.
there's some white muslin, something must need a lining.
Ah HA! this is why it was such a long box, 10 yards of bridal satin still on the roll so it won't wrinklegotta look at that a bit closer.
oh yes, this'll do just fine, now I need, time, interfacing (on it's way), space, and my dress form.this is me, I should start taking pictures before i leave home, all the ones I have here are post-anxiety attack pics.

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Zonda said...

Oh Wow! I cannot wait to see your dress! Go you for sewing your own! :)