Tuesday, February 06, 2007


My plan for today was a busy one, and as I went to class it got busier. I went to class while my roommate played hooky and slept in, when I got there I discovered that I had the work from a lab to do even though he canceled the lab. Weird. So that took me a while and I rushed home to grab my other books and eat a quick lunch. As i sat in class and worked on organizing my planner I thought, well I have a quiz and a test tomorrow and I am not totally ready for either. So I can either stay up late tonight, like a normal student, or I can do what I usually do and put off all the unnecessary stuff, like showering. Nobody notices BO when its this far below freezing. Right? uh huh. Happily when I got to work I learned that all of campus was closing at 3 because of the snow and the icy roads. So I have time to blog, shower, sleep and study for my tests. I also need to wash some socks, I'm out and the one's I'm wearing don't match.

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