Sunday, February 18, 2007

Guinea pigs are for visiting

The Cpt. and I went to buy supplies for my sweet swap, and that was fun and they still had 50% off valentine's candy, but it was weird when I got to the checkout and All I had were milk, juice, pop and LOADS of candy. Then we ate a nice dinner at a chinese resturant, they were really happy when I told them to have a happy new year. I guess most people don't know that it's today. (Welcome to the Year of the Pig Y'all) Last and best we went to the pet store and visited the guinea pigs. I took my camera.Look at that sweet little face, he was so silky and sweet.
this is my face with the little cuitie, I want him.
How does the captain manage to look dignified and adorable at the same time.
I've decided to start doing one of those daily pictures of myself,
someday I will go back and look and see the changes. I dunno If I will blog the pics every day, we'll see how bad they are

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