Tuesday, February 13, 2007


I have an Idea for a design, It's based on a baby kimono I made for another baby, I would like to make this for my sister's impending baby. The baby's gender is unknown, but I have 3 balls of Rowan Handknit Cotton, I am hoping that that would be enough. The baby is due in july so cotton and short sleeves are ideal. I think I will add a seed stitch border and since we don't know the gender I can plan for stst, and if it's a girl possibly add some sort of lace eyelet motif.This is my fancy dancy sketch, it's not much. I just need to find out some measurements for new babies, my nephew was 8lbs, but this baby will have a c section a week or so early, so I'll aim for the 8lb range. I should take my tape measure to walmart and measure the clothes there.

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