Friday, February 16, 2007

Apartment for 2

As I have been living in a teeny tiny dorm room for the last couple years I love that I am so close to getting married, one (of many) reasons for that is the fact we will have an apartment, with a bathroom with out neighboring stalls, with a kitchen, with a deck where we can have plants and such. with a separate bedroom where I can sleep while the Captain, being the insomniac he is, sits up playing video games. We did all our apartment visiting earlier in the semester, and now all we have to do is apply, sadly our cosigner (my dad) is dragging his feet because A) he thinks the rent is too high and B) he is forgetful. they told us in January that if we applied then we would be on the top of the list, but now it is a month since I gave dad the paperwork and NO APPLICATION. You cannot imagine the frustration I will be experiencing If we can't get the apartment because of dad's delays. But enough about money, lets talk decorating.You can't see everything on the floor plan, but the kitchen is open to the dining living area via a breakfast bar, which probably means we will get some tall chairs and eat at that, instead of having a table in the way of everything. As for furniture we have, A desk, a microwave, possibly a bookshelf, and until we get a bad, a air mattress. In time hopefully we will be able to stock our little place. The rooms are carpeted, except for the kitchen and bathroom, also there is a laundry room that we will probably use for storage. all the walls have texture so you don't see nail holes and such, they come painted in a light tan color, but we can hang stuff and paint as long as we put a coat of primer up first. the carpets are also pretty light and I will definitely need a real vacuum. I want to decorate the bedroom in brown and cream, which i think will be bright, but neutral and restful still. the bathroom will be bright blues, and the kitchen will be a navy white and teal if possible. we have not decided what colors are good for the living room though. The captain thinks blue is a good color for every room, and i have to remind him that other colors exist.

Also in our dreams of apartments and family we have an addition in the form of a guinea pig, I have scouted out good deals on bedding, cages, and food and I really am looking forward to replacing my pet cactus with something more cuddly. oh and it's a walk in closet, so I will give up some of my space for the yarn stash. And I would like my wheel to be in the main living area, but we will see about that. well that's my plan and i just felt like sharing it.


Bobbi said...

fingers crossed your dad gets on the paperwork soon. You're lucky they will let you paint!

Helen said...

i dunno what apts cost out by you, but we're hoping for a 2 bedroom because we actually have a ton of furniture left from his brother's last move, his mom wanting to clean house, my bedroom set, etc.

and the yarn...don't forget the yarn ;)