Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Which one? A quiz

Which one of these should I knit next?

A. V-neck from Anne Budd's book of sweater patterns. I would have to buy the book and yarn, but it's not too expensive.
B. Collegiate Pullover from Knit Picks
C. Pheobe Pullover from Knit Picks
I would probably use either Swish Superwash, or Wool Of the Andes For all of these and as for my opinion which one, I think the first two are more in the running, I've never done colorwork, but i think that looks nice, and I have been wanting a plain V neck for a while. either way I will maybe knit them both. the question is which one is my next big project?


Becca said...

Hi String!!

I really like the collegiate pullover. I've never done colorwork either...so watching your entry's for this (if you do it of course) would be very interesting!

Hope you're having a good semester so far

Becca in IN
from Knitty chat

Lauren said...

I prefer the first sweater, the plain V neck. I love good basic plain sweaters.

sweetfigs said...

i like the plain sweater and the one w/the cabled sleeves. both are classic. good luck w/the new semester.