Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Reaping the benefits of other's misfortune

Sounds awful doesn't it? Today I headed over two my second class which lasts from 11-2 on wednesdays and what did I discover? A sign, saying that class was canceled. Now on monday my teacher informed us that she had a broken ankle and bronchitis, and last night we had more lovely snow, coming down in big fat flakes. So my teacher probably was snowed in, which worsened the prexisting condition. So until I go to work at 2:30 I have "free" time. my plan? well i'm gonna do my homework and eat lunch, and probably knit. speaking of knitting I have a FO! the mittens are finished, I wore them to my french class this morning. here's a fuzzy picture, the colors looked like crap in all the others.

A' Demain

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Zanne said...

Yay for FO! Pretty mittens, just in time for the big flakes. :D