Saturday, January 13, 2007


This is the floorplan for the apartment we toured last night. It does not do it Justice, the place is Huge! Big closets, 2 bedroom 2 bathroom, large kitchen with lots of cabinets, big living area that is sorta attached to kitchen, huge deck, around 5 closets, one of which is walk -in. I have so many ideas now, i am getting so domestic anymore. all the walls are white and the carpet is a light tan
what we will need/want/what I see in the rooms

Master Bedroom: Bed, dressers Ect., lamps (i saw a perfect one at wallyworld), hopefully curtains (choclate brown or sheer cream), the dresser & bed set we liked at walmart had a mirror and bedside table too, which are good. I am hoping most the clothes will be in the walk-in closet and mine on one side, the captain's on the other.

Master Bathroom: I have never lived anywhere with more than one bathroom, but I want bright blue towels and a bright blue striped curtain, with clear toothbrush cup/soap dish/ect. and I want a trash can in every room. :)

2nd Bedroom (office/fiber room): this will be where the office is, books, my desk from home, maybe the captain's desktop if he needs it back from his parents. this will be where my wheel lives (right next to a lamp) reminds me, i need to add a spinning chair to my registry. in the closet I'll hang my yarn shelves and thats where we will keep board games and stuff too. I want lots of nice canvas storage boxes & baskets for the closets. this room seemed dark, so we will need lamps. this is also where the insomniac Captian can be if he can't sleep and I need to.

Bath #2: umm, i didn't realize there was a possibility of 2 baths, so i may let the boy pick out somthing, not sure what to do here. somthing nice.

Foyer: i picked a shoe rack, i want to have a no shoes rule. keeps things cleaner.

Kitchen: i picked out white dishes with a teal/blue rim, any my infront of sink rug i want it the same color, I actually don't have kitchen towels, but same color i guess, and most the appliances I want are white, except a red tea pot gotta have that

Living area: this has a place for a dining room table and I definatly want that. with a white tablecloth and then some other ones for everyday.
we don't have furniture, but when we do we are thinking warm but bright colors, we want a TV and bookshelves, and a couch too. justin make noises about a coffiee table too.

last but not least, the DECK!: I want deck chairs and plants that hang up. I definatly want porch plants.
and in the knitting world, a swatch, and soon a mitten.

Edit: the wedding website is here, i forgot to add it. PLEASE sign my guestbook.

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