Friday, December 15, 2006

Yarn p0rn Friday the 12th

laceweight from in verde.
single ply wool, delightfully green
remember the measly beginning the other day? It's gotten even bigger than in this picture, it gains 20 stitches in a repeat, and i knit for a long time last night. I actually thing the way the varigation is, it looks very mothy, still in a vibrant color too.
Today I move home for christmas break, I have a ton of mixed feelings on this, I am tired of school and tired of this room. but my house is half-renovated and my job will be boring. the true mixed feelings are not so shallow however. i wish i could transplant school closer to home. close enough to visit more, i wish that my finace wasn't taking a semester off, because when i check out of this dorm, it won't be the same. home won't be the same. christmas will be strange with just a little tree sitting on the dresser that we had to take out of the room with no floor. i'll come back to college and i will be stuck, i don't drive so i don't even know how to get to walmart. so that semester will be over and i'll go home, spend a month drastically trying to plan the wedding, and then i'll be married. and we all know nothing is ever quite the same when somthing like getting married, paying bills together, living together and sleeping together come into play. now don't get me wrong, I want those things (not the bills) but i liked what i had now too, and i guess i am just facing the unknown at the moment.

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Lauren said...

Switching between home and college is always a bit difficult, regardless of your situation.

Heads up, it will all go faster and easier than you think