Thursday, December 07, 2006

My computer is back!

And I just switched to the new blogger thing. Let's see if it is worth it, eh?blurry picture of the view out my window this morning, First big snow.
my bio professor's pet. also our guest speaker for the last day of class. i love college, just not college life so much.
Oh and I still knit. No surprise there.can you see where I changed skeins, if this weren't a scarf, and if i wern't lazy i would have to alternate the whole dang thing i guess.fingerless mittens and a sock in progress.whole sock, slightly too snug, but i think it might stretch.picot cuff, i did the inside layer in 1x1 ribbing, but it wasn't as smooth, next pair i will have to do the last few rows before the turn plain.
then there was a heel, every other row i slipped every other stitch. my first attempt at kitchner, net time i will do better.

random pic of my handsome man.

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