Monday, December 11, 2006

Hello, welcome to finals week

So I finished somthing. It is the last bit of my warm ears, hands and neck set.yes I do have crazy hair. ear warmer/headband. hand warmers and scarf, which I decided was plenty long enough after knitting and knitting and seeing that there was some sort of black hole, because it was not getting longer. turns out it is just long enough to tuck into my coat. now when i find my crochet hook i can hide those ends, it's too bulky for a darning needle. I still wore it today, even though it is warm outside.

I also started winding the yarn for the Wing o'the Moth shawl, it is pretty delicate so i decided not to put it in a center pull ball. because i think that would be too much tugging.

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Helen said...

you can put it in a center-pull. just use it from the outside when you knit. that's what i do.