Tuesday, October 10, 2006


The back burner has two purposes, it is where you put the things you want to put off dealing with, and sometimes it is where the things you would rather be doing end up. I really need to get crackign with the homework situation, and even though I hope to get tons done this weekend and over fall break (Monday and Tuesday) I am going to have to cut down on sewing, spinning, knitting and even my chat time. as i can do a whole lotta things with a chat box open, but read is not one of them, and I have 4 books that need reading in the next few weeks.

But this blog is about knitting. and I promise I won't give up on that, it will just be for those times when schoolwork is not feasible. like in class. see how much I can get done in one measly class.these are my home knitting and i have done one more repeat, and I am planning on getting as far as the flap in the near future.

all streched out so you can really see it.
see my pretty earring/row marker.

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spinndiva said...

LOVE the green!!!! and the stichmarker too!