Friday, September 01, 2006


This is what I did at work, I'm using the Leaf shadows lace panel from Barbra Walker's 2nd Treasury of knitting patterns for a lace scarf. here's the first repeat, which took three hours. not continuous knitting during the three hours. this is going to be my work knitting. I the yarn is Feza Kid Mohair mohair/nylon/polyester lace weight. I'm knitting it on 3.5mm bamboos, so i'll probably break them. I have such bad luck with wooden needles.

i added 4 sts to each side, I'm hoping this won't make it roll, but otherwise the edges would be ragged because the lace begins and ends with Decreases.

This morning I did some organizing, in other words i pulled my entire stash out and sorted it and I decided that my handspun is going in it's own bag. I really am getting to the point where I need a plastic tub.
here it is all spread out on the bed, isn't my comforter pretty. My Grammer made it.My current homespun stashmy waiting fiber stash

this is a very bad, very blurry picture of my sock yarn leftovers
this is my novelty yarns, i swear this is all. the blue is the softest stuff ever, but evil to knit. the others were less than a dollar. need i say more?another horrid picture of my laceweight

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