Thursday, September 14, 2006

the hat is done

This is my first FO from my handspun, and I actually liked working with this. before working with my yarn was a struggle. Although it is semi-blocking and the wet wool reeks. maybe I should've put woolite in with it.
This is what I started with.
Then It got to this point
Finally I have ended up with this. Ta Da!!!!!!!!!
I still need to weave in the ends, and take better pictures, but that will have to wait until the sky is blue and the hat is dry. because it stinks. i probably will have to re-wash it with woolite just to make it smell nice. i know the smell isn't there when it's dry, but what happens if my buyer gets caught in the rain?


the kitchener bitch said...

Looks great! For heaven's sakes don't use Woolite, which actually damages woollen things. Use a good wool wash like Eucalan or some such that'll put a little lanolin back into it. They smell great too (mine smells like lavender.)

pickle said...

I wash my knitted things in the shower, with shampoo. wool is sheeps hair, so it makes sence to use a soap that is meant for hair. and yes, conditioner is great too.

it wont smell if someone wears it and gets caught in the rain. in the rain, it will repel water, especially if you condition it. it only reeks when its totally soaked, and it always will.

i agree, dont use woolite.

you can use synthrapol, but it wont make it smell any better.