Wednesday, August 30, 2006

look a handle. blegh i'm tired and six stitches of back and forth st st is boring.

I hate how starting college can take a 4 digit bank account balance (not counting cents) right down to, uh oh i can't renew my virus protection until I get a check. I go from doing pretty good to two digit so close to overdrawn you can smell it in a matter of two weeks. And only maybe $50 bucks of that was things I didn't need. Textbooks, Backpack because the zipper is broke on mine, little things like FOOD and gas, and shampoo, these are just a few of the completly unavoidable stuff i've had to buy. Its downright depressing.

Also I hate Hormones, Why when I live in a culture where I'm not even a full adult, I'm in my prime physically, my hormones are screaming BABIES!!!!! Its not that I don't want kids, I do, I really do. But I am so tired of my inner frog brain being jealous of every preggie lady I see, just because of my hormones.

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