Monday, June 26, 2006

SSS: second sock syndrome

there is a reason for this affliction, i cannot cast on until i solve a delimma, sock leg #1 is to large, it saggs and falls down. I could adjust the second sock so it fits. but that would make them uneven. or i can leave the pattern as is and have saggy socks and possibly run out of yarn (which would suck.) or i have another option, knit the second sock so that it fits and then if i can't stand how uneven it is or if i run out of yarn i can re-knit sock #1.

please comment, tell me what you would do.


Charity said...

I had the same problem with the first sock I ever knit. I don't have a real answer for you, since SSS won out, and I've never gone back to it. But the owner of my LYS suggested washing and drying it, and then trying it on. She thought it might tighted up?

Annie said...

the last idea is good, knit the second sock to fit and then adjust the first sock if needed.