Wednesday, June 21, 2006


usually I talk about personal stuff on my other blog, but i've really lost interest in that one. mostly i just keep it to leave comments. I am depressed because two of my best friends are getting a divorce. some of us saw problems there, but there are somethings that we didn't see. i can't really say the details, just that i am really upset and i struggle with forgiveness. one of them will still live here, but that person has dissapointed me so much. and the other will be staying as far from his wife as he can get, so i am losing a good friend. not lost just away i guess.

so i need the soft comforting of st st in the round of my knee socks. i have finished the increases and soon i will decrease to the foot. after i finish the first one i'll post my pattern. it's mostly the math i got from another knitting blog, but i really hope i'm doing it right. i am not a math person.

here are some distracting pictures

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