Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Tuesday May 16th, 2006
I have a job! I am working full time at Ruperts Department Store. (think small-town, high prices) While I am thrilled to have a job, I am not used to the long hours that I am working, and my feet are killing me. I have not had a chance to sew, read, or get on the internet, but I have knit a bit. It's too dark to take pictures, but i'll try and do that before I update. tomorrow is my day off, Cpt. Boots and I are going to go to Ashland and vist the library, look for shoes (feet hurt remember) and work clothes. Possible LYS stop, but I'm not sure if we will go. I saw some good friends today, they are pregnant and as cute as can be. They will find out the sex of the baby on thursday, and I need to get some bootie yarn. which makes me happy.

things I learned this week
1. working a 8 hour shift is hard.
2. knowing how to sew is not always a good thing, guess who's stuck in the basement with alterations.
3. I don't care for retail, but it's better than fast food.
4. I will probably get a bigger paycheck than my mom. That just seems weird to me. She has a college degree for pete's sake.
5. when I grow up I'd rather have high speed internet than cable TV. my parents have neither.
6. People will happily spend $50+ on a jacket their infant will out grow in three months and probably never need, just because of the label.
7. you can rent a 3 bedroom house at home for half of what a 2 bedroom apartment goes for at school.

I already knew this, but I also had it ground into my head once again how stupid people can be,

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

okay I neither took nor uploaded any pictures of my knitting. I am a bad blogger. I am at the library now. it's my day off, but i already said that. today i went to the LYS and did not BUY ANYTHING at all. I did pet the cherry tree hill, and the cascade 220, i had never seen those yarns in person before. the cherry tree hill sock yarn wasn't quite as nice as some of the rest of the stuff, in my opinion. I feel sorry for DBF, i don't think he has had fun today, he seems to also be in a kinda depressed mood too. but i can't get him to tell me what is wrong. i have a hard time being happy around him when he is like this.

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