Thursday, April 20, 2006

why do i knit?

Today was a short but exausting day. Cap'n Boots will be in class for another couple of hours too. I am feeling so lazy. I was wondering though, while I was in the shower. Why I want to be a Knitter.
  • I want to be a knitter because knitters create beautiful things out of almost nothing.
  • because knitters are generous
    • the person who got me to knit was knitting a hat for somone else (me)
    • knitters will give away books, yarn, and advice to anyone who is just starting out
    • or to anyone who just love yarn
  • because it gives me peace
    • keeps my hands busy so my mind can be still
  • because I am part of a community, a community that streches all over the planet.
And because I can!

I am going to attempt to write more wordy posts and to be a little more philosphical on here, but don't expect good spelling.

My Goals As a Knitter

  1. a sweater that fits
  2. baby clothes
  3. designing my own patterns
  4. wool to garment, spun, dyed, knit. all by me
  5. i wanna have cool contests, so i can share all my yummy yarn
  6. i wanna have yummy yarn
  7. I want to gain SABLE status, not duffel status
I'm sure ther's more, but I'm gonna knit now.

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