Sunday, April 23, 2006

what rhymes with roving?

Today seems to be an entirely lazy day. I meant to accomplish more than I have done, but I am sleepy and distracted. No pictures at this point, I havent done much knitting, but i think i'll make an effort in that direction.

Cpt_boots and i did have a really nice taco dinner today, and I'm still at his place. We watched a couple of episodes of Quantum leap, and Have been on our computers ever since. he's on his third video game, and i have been reading blogs and chatting on the knittyboard chat. I am so addicted to chat it's not funny. i love the community, and i have somthing in common with everyone that shows up there.

i need to knit, study and write my speech. umm well it shoudn't be in that order, but it probably will be. see you later alligator.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I read you comment over on the blog of Reid's designer. If you want an adult size just knit her largest Reid - according to stitch count and gauge the size 6yrs has a 40" chest. Just make it longer. Knitters on the Knitty board confirm the huge measurements.

stringthing said...

thank i'll remember that!