Saturday, April 29, 2006

about me

i decided to jump on the "things about me" bandwagon, but i don't think i'll specify how many thing, because i won't get the right number at all

  1. i am 19 years old
  2. i knit, weave, sew, and am generally obsessed with fiber arts
  3. i am a college student majoring in anthropology and minoring in history
  4. i am getting married in june of 2007 to my best friend, known here as capt. boots
  5. i am a historical reinactor, i usually protray the time period between 1740-1814
  6. i live in eastern kentucky, this does not lower my IQ
  7. i procrastinate yet manage to be compulsive about getting projects done. i will write a paper early, but study for a test the night before.
  8. i have lived my entire life with unmedicated ADHD
  9. i have athsma and allergies
  10. i am allergic to caves, but i love to go spelunking
  11. i really like even numbers, the only odd numbers that appeal to me are 5 and 3
  12. my favorite tv shows are Buffy, Quantum Leap, Red Dwarf, and Law and Order CI
  13. i do not play any instruments, and i only sing when lots of other people are singing
  14. i like to sleep with lots of pillows and blankets
  15. my favorite colors are red, green and blue
that's plenty of things about me for now.

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